Sunday, 29 November 2020

Whatever Bubbles Up

It does help to have a beach to walk along when trying to motivate yourself to go for a walk. 

The seagulls seemed to be having a party. They were very interested in what they could see in the outgoing tide.

Kelp always gets my interest. 

Niwa is an anagram for New Zealand's 'National Institute of Water and Atmospheric Research' scientific organisation. Their climate outlook for November to January says marine heatwave conditions may develop in the ocean surrounding New Zealand, with air temperatures very likely to be above average in all regions of the country.

Rainfall is most likely to be near normal in the north of the North Island and about equally likely to be near normal or below normal for all remaining regions.

And the tropical cyclone season (November 2020-April 2021) brings elevated risk for New Zealand, Niwa says. 


Pandemic precautions pressed a button and stopped stuff from happening and then when the  button was released again, the dam burst - maybe in my case just a small dam made by kids with logs in a creek - but what followed was a clutch of poetry readings and associated happenings. 

At the end of it all, I have ended up exhausted.

So time now to sit back and have a think. To sit outside under our kowhai tree and allow nature to act as a salve. 

Speaking of trees and who doesn't like speaking of trees, I'm looking forward to getting into some family tree research in 2021. Hoping it will lead to more writing - poetry or prose, who knows? Hopefully both. I'm open to whatever emerges. 

Whatever bubbles up to the surface from my mind's primordial mud. 

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WWJD withis, dear?
Find-out, miss gorgeous:
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