Saturday, 20 July 2019

Photo Shoot

Sometimes it seems that on a familiar walk, you've run out of photos to take. Nothing to see here. Nothing to inspire me to unpack my camera and take a shot.

And then ... I spot something. Like this lamp. Who knew?

And once the eye has been 'unlocked' so to speak, photo opps. begin to appear almost as if out of the blue.

Just in the one spot, three photos materialised after I took time to look.

There's something endearing about objects / machines that quietly, humbly provide a service ... do their thing without hoop-lah or ceremony. Almost invisible until someone notices. Sometimes all it takes to notice is a little casual mindfulness.

I'm sure this couple is useful for something. No doubt, indispensable for a certain job. Waiting patiently to do their thing in summer? as winter litter gathers at their feet.

No protection for these exposed tree roots situated on ground high school children trample over every school day. Even so, they do not give up and die. They still do their job.

Some metal and plastic primary colours to break winter bland.

Aotearoa gradually losing the coal, doing so slowly, resolutely, through such forums as advertised on this power pole poster. These forums petition councils to have a green heart. They will not let up until their goal is reached. A coal-free planet earth.

As I approached home I spotted this survivor.

And this small, white star flowering on a shrub along our driveway capped off my catches for the day.

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Snowbrush said...

I've so enjoyed browsing your photos. I'm sorry those roots are exposed, but they sure made for a lovely photo.

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