Tuesday, 21 May 2019

Renovation, Innovation, Inspiration

Positioning my writing desk in a corner of the living room where I can see it out of the corner of my eye, has proved conducive for me. I find that these days, after a longish spell of not writing, I am back to writing regularly.

Ideas for poetry are flowing, and having the desk within easy reach means that I am 'catching' more poems as a result.

The room I usually write in, has been emptied of furniture, bookshelf and many books in readiness for painting. This is the first of more rooms that need to be stripped and painted. The interior of our home is long overdue for refurbishment. What this will entail, fills me with something akin to despair; thus the photo above of a maze, seems appropriate.

So rather than dwell on the task ahead, I distract myself with writing.

Knowing that there is a path to follow - the goal of freshly-painted rooms - helps.

And knowing others are going to help us walk this path, also helps. At the end, the promise of a fresh look for our home, provides a sense of purpose.

We need not feel stumped.

Instead, we can feel invigorated by the thought of creating rooms that will bring our mid-century home into the 21st century, along with highlighting its original features.

It is not a time for ducking the issue! Renovation is long overdue.

There is promise of inspiration ...

and a reservoir of ideas to be drawn upon - both for the refurbishment of the interior of our home and for my writing.

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