Wednesday, 6 June 2018

Suspense and Defiance

Autumn has gone. Winter has arrived. There is something dramatic and heavy about this season.

The dying, followed quickly by the simmering of new life, just under the surface.
The suspense.
These photos were taken at the bottom of our long driveway. Walking up the drive, I noticed buds already beginning to form on branches, all ready for their spring reveal.

This maple tree usually carries its leaves (some still green) until well after the beginning of winter, crossing the seasonal border with style and aplomb.
It carries its own sense of timing and defiant air.
Out of any direct hit of prevailing winds, it proclaims, "I will go. But only when I am good and ready".
I'm sure the other trees already into their deep winter sleep, do not hear. Or care.


Roderick Robinson said...

I didn't realise NZ had maples; thought you made do with broom which you hated. Aboriculturally speaking I'm zilch.

But I'm not invulnerable to external stimuli. The Canadian flag boasts a red maple leaf, meaning it's due to drop off the branch any moment now. Not a terribly propitious symbol, I'd say. Green would be more forward looking, perhaps even a bare branch.

The NZ women's cricket team (rugby? soccer?) are called The Silver Ferns. These leaves must of course be artificial, capable of lasting a thousand years without needing water. Good thinking Wellington.

I'm day-dreaming about a wet suit I tried to hire in Blenheim in order to explore the fiord in and around the aforementioned Port Underwood. They didn't have my size so I tried one a size smaller. Oh the effort, the sweat and - ultimately - the futility. I remember driving away trying to recall how many titchy New Zealanders I'd met on our holiday. Not many. Later, in Auckland, someone told me I could have bought a wet suit there for about $NZ25. Too late, a missed opportunity.

Are irrelevant comments OK by you?

Kay Cooke said...

Roderick ~ Delightfully irrelevant and okay by me. Thanks for your entertaining chat. My son is a surfer and dons the wet suit with aplomb - an art I envy. I doubt I ever will get into one and really, I don't have regrets. Surfers this far south (close to the Antarctic) need to wear wet suits. They look remarkably like seals and seals actually either try to chase them out of the surf, or ask to surf with them, no doubt thinking my son and his ilk are distant cousins.

How do we know said...

Beautiful images!!!

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