Monday, 26 September 2016

BerKlin - Putting the K into Berlin

Part of the old Berlin water tower. Wasserturm. 

Water reservoir built in 1877

Following behind my son, his partner and daughter as we walk down a strasse in Prentzlauer Berg. Above, the familiar sight of Berlin balconies.

Just had to include the photo my husband sent me of flowers in our garden back in Dunedin, New Zealand ... Where it is Springing. 

Two kiwis in a shop window ... I wonder why they are there?

And a blue sheep? I wonder if it's homesick? 

Saturday was market day. What a fantastic market, with everything you need for the week ahead. 

Dear Reader,

There is no room for reticence in Berlin. 

If I lived here permanently, I would buy a bike and learn the Berlin strut. 



Avus said...

"The Berlin strut" - not the goose step one hopes!

Kay Cooke said...

Avus - Nein!

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