Saturday, 13 August 2016

Winter Creek Walk

shady shrubs

ghostly gorse


like giraffes

winter in the sunshine

sun makes light
of moss

tracking the light

silver streaks, winter

grabbing at the sun

dead leaves

sunny dip

tiny green

cold mud,
wet grass,
the smell of creek

drip and rustle,
the squeak
of hidden birds

a creek close by
and seeps

felled log

caught light


Dear Reader,

As winter in this part of the world begins to come to an end, I thought it timely to celebrate its shady beauty; the bleached-out colours and ruddy mulch of grounded leaves. The smell of damp bark and wringing wet moss, drowned grass, muddy puddles and the bite of ice.

However, I guess much of winter's beauty lies in the fact that it ultimately gives way to Spring.

The photos above were taken at the end of June when I spent a week at Tunnel Cottage.

I was there to write, and write I did.

And when I felt like a break from the slog of editing and pushing through to the end of the second draft, I'd go for a walk; a cycle track across the road from the cottage making this easy.

This portion of the Lawrence - Roxburgh track follows a small creek and dips in and out of damp, frosty patches of shade that lie in wait among the drier, sunnier areas.

For me now, writing is going to take a back seat. Ahead are preparation for two poetry readings, and my trip to Berlin in less than a month.



Katherine Dolan said...

Your photo-caption combinations plunge me right into Time & Place -- I can feel the chill and hear the birdy chit-chat, like a short trip home.

Kay Cooke said...

Katherine - If what I write can do that for you, well, all I can say is mission accomplished! And happily sigh.

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