Tuesday, 30 August 2016

Back to Back, Mountains & Lake

Thursday in Wanaka, was a little grey with threatening clouds storming in from the south.

What snow could be seen on the mountains, quickly became hidden by scarves of misty cloud.

However, the next day dawned bright, clear and blue. Fresh snow from the the previous day's cloud, plain to see.

Fresh spring leaves making their appearance.

Dear Reader,

Last weekend I was in Wanaka with my friend, writer and poet Jenny Powell. Together, as 'J&K Rolling', we roll along to the more outlying areas of the country, not only taking our own poetry, but always hopeful of finding out the poetry of the locals as well.

Read more about that aspect of our visit HERE

As it turns out, because Robert and I are visiting his mother in Queenstown this weekend, for me it's going to be back to back weekends of lakes - lakes and mountains for two weekends running! How lucky am I?

When I am beside a lake I miss the sea, but maybe not vice versa. I love visiting lakes, but I believe I am more of a sea person. Not that I don't love mountains. And lakes. But if I had to choose (and thankfully I don't) it'd most likely be the sea I'd choose.

Which reminds me -  I need to re-dress the balance somewhat and visit the beach (after all, it's just down the road from where live). Too often these days I head into town rather than out to the coast. (If only my gym was right by the beach, that would help).



Avus said...

I enjoy the images you capture of your beautiful country, Kay. I think the Wanaka/Queenstown area was one of my favourites, but it is an added joy to see those mountains capped with snow.

Kay Cooke said...

Avus - Thanks! Looking forward to more mountains this weekend. Still owing myself a visit to the beach before I leave these shores for six weeks. Will no doubt blog about it all.

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