Tuesday, 10 May 2016

The Large And The Small Of It.

A few things wonderful and grand, small and magnificent, low and lofty that have caught my eye over the past two weeks.

Dear Reader,

I ran out of poetry-making steam before the poem-a-day-for-a-month was over. (NaPoWriMo) But I was pleased to have revved up my poem-engine once again and to have pulled together some material that I can work with and / or add to what I want to go into my fourth collection. (As yet un-named).

I was happy to find that my poetry neurons can still spark and hadn't seized up from under-use.

... and now it's back to prose and fiction again.

My first draft is now on its way to evolving into the second draft. Holes in the plot need to be filled; plot development and character authentication is required. This will most likely keep me busy until the end of our winter.

Third and fourth drafts aren't likely to eventuate until 2017, because in September and October of this year, I will be overseas and not working on the novel. I am going to be with our son and partner and their adorable wee daughter, enjoying a European autumn in Berlin; among other places.

Cannot wait.

But both me and my novel, (working title, 'Cragghan Dhu') are going to have to wait.

The ability to wait is a skill. As my Irish great-granny loved to say; "Payshuns and per-severance".

Gets me every time.


P.S. Recently my friend Jenny Powell and I did our thing as the Outrider poets,  J&K Rolling, and made a poetry-reading whistle-stop in Queenstown, at the library there. It was a wonderful time meeting the locals (some of them international visitors; which was expected as that is the very nature of the place). Read all about it here 

I also aired my prose reading (as well a sliver of poetry) at the latest Southland & Otago NZSA branch's Dunedin (City of Literature) Thistle Cafe Writers Salon reading. (A bit of a mouthful, but I believe I got all the necessary and relevant info. in!) There I read to a warm, receptive and engaged audience. This was what I struck at both the Queenstown event and the Dunedin event. Writers and readers-of-writers (just what would we do without those precious people?) do tend to be supportive beings.


Rob Allan said...

Going well with your writing. Loved the Autumn photos. Trip to Berlin for another Autumn- that's lovely, that's rich.

Kay Cooke said...

Thanks Rob! Good thing Autumn is my favourite season eh!

Avus said...

'Cragghan Dhu' - that sounds like "Black Mountain", but my Welsh (Irish?) is only bitty.

Your photos show great perception.

Kay Cooke said...

Avus - Thank you. It means Black Rock in Scottish Gaelic.( I will be inventing a Maori equivalent name as well. As yet, not created).

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