Saturday, 9 April 2016

nothing new (poem)

white roses ... these roses were from our daughter-in-law E's wedding bouquet ...

nothing new

Travelling a familiar road, where all the bends are known,
no straight, rise, downhill sweep, a surprise; no bridge, no approach
an unexpected turn of events. This highway reminds us there is nothing new under the sun. I remember in the seventies, refugees arriving from Cambodia. I remember buses getting blown-up in Israel and bag searches in London.

So many frightened trees we passed today, providing shelter
for wood-piles; up to their knees in chopped blocks of wood.
I wondered if that was lest trees forget their eventual fate?
All the way to where we were headed, peaceful green and poplars
beginning to turn. Acting like a tourist, I wind down the car window

to take photos to send on to family in Germany to prove
that autumn back here in New Zealand is performing normally.
Already now as invisible as air, this morning's ballet practice, just a memory my granddaughter's steps as perfect as a dancing horse
and in the mirrors on the walls, her reflection overlapping mine.

Kay McKenzie Cooke

Dear Reader,

Poem number seven on day nine of this poetry-writing month challenge of writing a poem a day.

The idea for the poem developed slowly as we travelled from Dunedin to Queenstown today and I mentally wove together various snippets of thought and images.

Time is a wide and slippery, slide-y concept, delivering inevitability, change, disappearance, return and repeat.

Kay McKenzie Cooke


Rel said...

Beautiful as always

Kay Cooke said...

Thanks Bob!

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