Monday, 11 April 2016

me, I'm a blue person (poem)

shades of ocean-blue - at St Kilda, taken from John Wilson Drive

me, I'm a blue person

Hoping for eventual clouds
of hazy purple,

I planted two lavender today.
Small and tough enough to hunker down.

And tonight I left the bedroom windows open
so that I'll be able to smell the rain,

the soaked earth, and imagine
the two lavender plants, drinking.

I also bought a pansy and a polyantha
to provide colour.

Some people say that they're green people,
or red, or like my granddaughter,

a yellow-orange person (amber, I tell her,
but she keeps forgetting).

Me, I'm a blue person. Blue that is almost purple
or blue that is almost green

(I can't decide which). Then there's sky-blue.
Clear, unattainable blue-blue.

The blue of agapanthus.
The blue of Delftware.

Blue, blue, blue, blue.
Sea-blue. Bowerbird-blue.

Peacock-tail blue. I bought
two lavender plants today

and a pansy and a polyantha.
Flowers that will weather the winter

triumphant in the frost, victorious
in snow. "I'm not a yellow person,"

I heard someone say once and I thought,
what a pity. A world without yellow.

Kay McKenzie Cooke

Dear Reader,

Another full day. It's  family focussed time at the moment with our son down from Wellington. Good times. Making good memories.

And writing a poem or two in the interstices.


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Avus said...

I enjoyed that poem, Kay. Blue, yellow and white in combination are my colours.

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