Wednesday, 13 April 2016

lament for lost art (poem)

street art in Dunedin. Painted by Devon

lament for lost art

(for M. D.)

We find art wherever we can
on Dunedin's walls; painted fish,
a kakapo getting its own back on the rat,
the yellow horse ridden so fast
by the soldier in tartan shorts,
he's breaking up.

You take a more close-up look than I do
at what is painted large on brick,
point out the brush strokes
post-spray. Mention
how the trick is if it would look
just as good small.

I start remembering back
to all that random art by a familiar hand
on otherwise un-regarded walls.
A red man floating, almost hidden,
in a high corner between the overhead bridge
by a then-drab Vogel Street.

A blue donkey on a wall
of the Dowling Street car park, braying,
'I wish I knew x 2'. A blue light bulb.
A boy holding the hand of a monkey
on the underside of an underpass.
Back when street art was a dark art

created at night, a revelation
for the morning's drive to work
then flattened
by Council's grey square.
The last one I saw was the skinny 'Poet'
in his striped jersey, painted on a South Dunedin

window-hoarding, seen on my way to work,
lifting me up from streaming traffic.
I miss them all - the blue donkey, 
the blue light-bulb, the boy and monkey,
the merry-go-round, red man
floating up and away until he knew he was gone.

Kay McKenzie Cooke

Dear Reader,

I am another day down from my poem-a-day effort for this month.

But I have no regrets. I loved spending time with M. yesterday doing the street art trail, among other things; followed by a family get-together dinner. Always good.

Kay McKenzie Cooke


Leonie Wise said...

I love this, and your recollection of the art you've seen. I particularly like the lines about the art being "flattened by Council's grey square". Such a great way of describing their cover-up jobs. I have a real fondness for street art and got my fill of it whilst living in London. It's not so 'popular' in NZ, though it is becoming more so.

thecartoonmoon said...

The red man lasted long enough to fade to pink

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