Friday, 9 January 2015

Feeling Fine

Christmas at my in-law's is always a splendid affair.

Every Christmas, despite warm, summer temperatures, a roast mutton meal is always served (above, new potatoes and peas to go with)

with snowball turnips in white, parsley sauce

and gravy in the Johnny Walker jug

and pavlova to follow (as well as Christmas pudding, fruit salad, trifle ... etc.) This year, the pav. was a three-layered extravaganza! The photo above was taken before Marg had added the third layer.

Crown Range, on the way to Wanaka

This year Robert and I went over the Crown Range to Wanaka for a couple of days.

Lake Wanaka

verge-side garden, Wanaka

looking towards Southern Alps behind Wanaka

Some of you may be familiar with the Southland towns of Te Anau and Waikaia.
Te Anau is a mountain-lake town and Waikaia is a small Northern-Southland town with a Central Otago landscape and temperatures.
Somehow Wanaka reminds me of both of these places. To me, it is Te Anau meets Waikaia (or the other way around).
Even though Wanaka is on the Tourist Trail and a popular summer-holiday spot for kiwis, thankfully it still manages to maintain its small-town New Zealand character.

While in the area, we went for a walk around Bendigo - a historical site with relics from the mining for gold and quartz that was carried out here in the 1860's and '70's.

local fauna

and flora ...

manuka - the air was alive with the industrious buzz of bees busily gleaning pollen from the flowers

a large display of lichen (scabweed)

part of a man-made road cut from the cliff when this area was being mined for quartz 

The hot, summery air of Central Otago seeps into my body like a tonic.

Now that we are back home in Dunedin with its refreshing, coastal breeze, I find I'm not missing the heat of Central Otago as much as I usually do when we arrive back. The fact that this year Dunedin is actually having a summer, is certainly helping. Long may it continue.


Avus said...

nice to see you had a "traditional" Christmas dinner despite your climate being the "wrong way around", Kay.

I seem to remember that Wanaka has a quirky experience centre which trades on visual misconceptions.

Its a great view looking back down on Queenstown.

J.T. Webster said...

What a wonderful Christmas you have had.
I enjoyed the photos of the Crown Range and Bendigo. Two of my favourite places. :)
And yes, aren't we having a great Dunedin summer.

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