Friday, 7 November 2014

Not A Soul To Be Seen

'In the early 1930s Ranfurly's increased status, coupled with several suspicious building fires, created a demand for a large number of new buildings. Art Deco was the architectural style of the time, and before too long Ranfurly was smartly outfitted with jazz-age buildings. This trend wasn't short-lived, because the local architect and builder continued to build Art Deco houses long after the fashion had faded.
Today, Ranfurly's beautiful buildings have been enthusiastically restored to their former glory. A highlight is the Centennial Milk Bar, which now houses a fascinating Art Deco museum. Browsers will also enjoy the second-hand Art Deco furniture and fittings shop, and the self-guided Art Deco walk. And if you're around in February, be sure to fit in Ranfurly's Art Deco festival.'
The excerpt above is a quote from 100 %'Pure NZ

Ranfurly's railway goods-shed is typical of many that served the railway lines of New Zealand. Alike as peas in a pod, this is identical to the one in the town where I grew up.

Behind the railway station on a back street, the buildings are not as well cared for as those on the main street.

A photo on an information board. Ranfurly was specifically built in 1898 as a railhead town. Now it is a pivotal point on the popular rail-trail bike track that follows the dis-established railway line through the Maniototo.

For me, walking around Ranfurly engendered memories of small towns in days gone by - hence the sepia tones ...

Typical small-town NZ street, with not a soul to be seen.

And what small town would be complete without a little whimsy?


Avus said...

I enjoyed this post, Kay as I am a great enthusiast for "art deco" in all its forms.
We loved Napier (just missed its annual art deco week by a fortnight) and we must have passed through Ranfurly after we drove from Duntroon to Naseby over Danseys Pass and down to Alexandra, but it did not register at the time. (Probably because the hire car and its windows were covered in heavy dust from the dirt road over the pass). You brought back some happy memories, thanks.

J.T. Webster said...

Ranfurly is such a quiet wee spot! We've spent a lot of time there over the years. I just love the art deco museum and the second hand shop.

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