Wednesday, 8 October 2014

Waving Not Drowning

Work is getting in the way of me posting daily. Maybe I should aim for every two days (is that twaily?)

kite surfing St Clair

We have recently worked out that the suburb we live in is actually Tainui, not Andersons Bay as we had thought.

This is good news because our sons all went to Tainui school. It also means that when we moved from the first home we owned, on the flat in Tainui; so close to the ocean we could hear it like a train running past at night; we never actually shifted boundaries (as we had assumed).

Tainui means Big Wave in Hawaiin. I often have dreams of big waves - always have since a small child. I lived the first ten years of my life within the sound of the ocean. Then for decades I lived near rivers. For the last twenty-nine years of my life, I've been back living near the sea.

Maybe my dreams of big waves have always been telling me that Tainui would be where I would settle. I'll settle for that.

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