Sunday, 12 October 2014

Honing In

sand patterns, Kaka Point beach

Struck down with a lurg. Dosing up on pain killers for an extremely sore throat.

sea lettuce, Kaka Point beach

When you're sick, you hone in on to your immediate circumstances. The present is all you have and even then it's as if you are looking at your surroundings through a haze as your body fights to get well again.

old post, St Clair beach, Dunedin

The brain and mind also get caught up in the body's fight to get well. Even a crossword puzzle would require too much effort.

I distantly tap out these words on the keypad as if my brain is wearing woollen gloves.


J.T. Webster said...

Sorry to hear you're under the weather. Get well soon! :)

Di said...

Get well soon. I loved this series of photographs!!! x

Kay Cooke said...

Sue - Thanks I think I'm beginning to feel better.

Di - Not often I get knocked like this, it's a particularly nasty one. Thanks for compliment re photos. :)

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