Monday, 24 March 2014

Turning My Back to the Headland

Robert is in Japan. It's the first time we've been seperated by an ocean and it's an odd feeling. 
He forgot to take his toothbrush. 

The last two days have been fine and warm. Both times when I've gone for a walk, it's been low-tide with the ocean politely leaving me high and dry with plenty of room to walk - on packed sand, shell-scattered sand, wave-action patterned sand ...

Such fine resilience.

Gasping, half-drowned in sand, it rests, frozen, until the next wind-blast makes it dance. Perhaps its ability to dance in a storm, is one of the reasons why it survives.

Grass in the sand; bulrushes in frost; thistles in snow.

I turn my back to the headland and return home. Tomorrow I head inland. As far from the sea as this island I live on, will allow.

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