Thursday, 27 March 2014

Therapy of Green

Yesterday, after the therapeutic value of sun, river and trees, followed by a salmon salad dish for lunch, it was time for Jenny and I to head from Arrowtown back to Queenstown.

On the way Jenny pointed out Queenstown's community gardens. We stopped to have a look.

Plots are rented out for anyone to use. There is a waiting list.

More fresh-air and the therapy of greenness as we strolled around ...  Then back to Sunshine Bay and a dinner (satay-sauce rice) cooked by Chris. That's another sort of therapy, enjoying a meal cooked for you by one of your offspring. It brings with it a sense of a circle softly closing. An encircling. Of a spiral's quiet sway, its reach and hold, then letting go again.


kctoyama said...

Strange trees. Beautiful!

Michelle said...

Arrowtown was one of my favorite parts of New Zealand. Beautiful photos!

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