Saturday, 8 March 2014

Any Symmetry To Be Found

any symmetry to be found in the Public Gardens

Trimmed to within an inch,
celtic-knotted box-thorn mazes.
Amazing too the cactus, 
how prettily arranged
the protective killer vest 
with its zig-zag jag of pinch-proof prickles.

The open hearts of velvet roses
are apparent, their petals in turn, cool
then warm, to the touch, their perfume 
in the sun inviting us to drink
-in this moment before any sting 
of frost settles to darken days.

We succumb to the beauty 
of the roses, remembering 
what is there in order 
to protect the flower;
making sure we do not forget;
the existence of thorns.
Kay McKenzie Cooke


A said...

You live in such a beautiful world Kay.

Kay Cooke said...

Thanks Agnes, I do feel blessed.

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