Friday, 28 March 2014

Rove Round the Cove (Bob's Cove)

 Not a bad view to look out at while having breakfast, I am sure you will agree.

Another view from Chris and Jenny's home.

The Lady of the Lake (The Earnslaw) has been steaming back and forth across the lake (Wakatipu) for one hundred years now.

A walk round Bob's Cove was on the agenda today. Reminders that it is autumn were all around us as we walked through light, native evergreens, silver birches and eucalyptus.

An old lime kiln. Here limestone was rendered into quicklime which was then turned into mortar for building purposes.

Dead trees (eucalyptus) are a striking sight against the clear blue sky.

A bit of a stop on our way to the look-out point farther on. A palpable peace descending.

From the lookout, looking towards the Remarkables.

And farther to the left, Bob's Cove itself.

Back down the track and time to hunt for a picnic spot with some shade. It might be autumn, but that sun was still beating down.


Jenny had prepared a picnic for us: yummy meatballs, crispy lettuce leaves, cheese and bread. Espresso coffee from the thermos to accompany. Yum!

Eyes up to take in some pretty leaves ...

... and some kind of look-out ... or diving board ... or bird-watching contraption?

A perfect end to a perfect afternoon - a swim in the (very cold) snow-fed water. (The photo above is of Jenny swimming. She took some photos of me too. I'll add one when she sends them to me).

No matter how warm the sun, it will never warm the waters of this lake. Very refreshing though, the feel of the clear water felt like velvet on my skin as I dried off in the sun.


Di said...

Brilliant, perfect, and wonderful! Thank you. This took me home and made me remember happy times there. x

Fi from Four Paws and Whiskers said...

Spent many great evenings there cooking round a fire as the sun went down. Beautiful place :)

Kay Cooke said...

Di - Thank you - I'm glad.

Fi - It is a beautiful spot.

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