Thursday, 27 March 2014

River Ramble

Slender poplars with leaves beginning to turn.

We walked, Jenny and I, by the Arrow river which today was in autumn mode, taking a suitable mellow meander under the willows; it was in no tearing hurry, but content to just bubble along at a steady pace.

We saw a group of school children panning for gold. There are still specks of it to be found in the river.

We were surprised by a grove of rowan - they are usually found alone, doggedly guarding a habitat (according to Scottish legend anyway).

Just like yesterday, again today, red berries. This time, rowan berries; startling and attractive, but not so much for the birds, we thought. We could see and hear flocks of small birds out in the warm sun, but none of them were eating the berries.

After our river ramble, we headed for town and some lunch, spotting the work of a guerilla-knitter on the way.

 We decided the cafe beside the Post Office looked the most desirable - on the way, Jenny went into the original old Post Office (still standing and still operating) to buy some stamps.

We chose a table by some yellow roses to have a late lunch. The perfect end to this part of the day and still with some time left ... (More about that tomorrow maybe).

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