Thursday, 6 March 2014

Blue Octopus-Kite

It's not surprising that more often than not, we have a breeze here on these irregular puzzle-shaped islands on the cool end of the Pacific Ocean.

When we went to the beach with the grandkids a couple of weekends ago, we noticed that all this freely provided wind-power was being put to good use.

We had the kite with us (that blue fluttery object, upper right corner).

At one point someone let go of the string and Robert had to chase the kite over the sand-hills, finally retrieving it from up in a tree over the road. He had a lot of (very thin) string to un-tangle and re-wind in order for it  to be flight-worthy again.

It would've been a shame to have lost our blue octopus-kite, it's been in the family now for some time. The grandchildren are the second generation to fly it.


kj said...

A family kite--I love it. These moments at the beach are the best, yes?

Your little grand girl is beautiful. She looks so happy


Kay Cooke said...

Thanks kj. Great to be able to make memories.

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