Tuesday, 25 February 2014

New Book Announcement

 The cover of my new book - the artist is Michael D. Cooke

It's getting exciting now. My new book is just about there. It has its cover, its blurb; it has been issued its ISBN number. My publisher, Rachel Scott at Otago University Press, has sent me the New Book Info. with its announcement that the book will be available in bookshops in April. We are looking at the launch being late April.

Born to a Red-Headed Woman
Kay McKenzie Cooke
Otago University Press
Paperback, 210 x 148 mm, 72 pp
ISBN 978-1-877578-87-8, $25
See below for ordering information

Order all Otago books from Nationwide Book Distributors/ www.nationwidebooks.co.nz/ books@nationwidebooks.co.nz/ Ph: 03 312 1603/ Fax: 03 312 1604

As the announcement hasn't a handy link, I am unable to post it directly on to Facebook or Twitter. Instead I am cutting and pasting it into this blog (and eventually on to my website) which I will then place on social media. Oh the intricacies!

Below is the blurb followed by an excerpt from one of the poems in the book, 'lost in my own green light'. (The title for this poem comes from the song,  'Lost in Paradise', sung by Sergio Mendes and Brazil 66).

'Using the extraordinary capacity of music to revive the places and people from our pasts, this poetic memoir springs from over 50 song titles or song lines and spans more than four decades.
Laconic, wry, subtly philosophical, Kay McKenzie Cooke’s new collection carries us from her rural Southland girlhood in the 1950s and 60s to the bitter pressures of adopting out her baby as a teenager in the 1970s, and to her present as grandmother, mother, wife and author.
A plain-spoken honesty, a sensitivity to the natural world, a gentle humour, a deep sense of how the richness of our relationships lodges in ordinary rituals and routines: all combine in a quietly moving autobiography.
Born to a Red-Headed Woman is documentary, vivid, ever grounded in the workaday detail of farming, the changing decades, family, city life and job. Yet at times the language peels right back to the tender nerve of major, formative losses.
If Cooke’s observations of the daily are the simple melodic lines that seem to coast on the surface, beneath that runs a rich bass line of meditation on time, on meaning, how to live a life true to oneself, and to familial love.

'lost in my own green light'

Laying a curved trail behind me
like a river in the long, gold-tipped grass
under a plain sky
not yet written on by weather,
heading for the middle,
safe from the peril of edges,
the dilemma of borders

Another way I can let people read this NBI (new book info.) is by sending it via email. However, this has proved a little patchy. Some of the email addresses I have are no longer current. The emails that have landed safely seem to have been received kindly with many people responding warmly. What lovely friends and family members I've got. (I am hoping other friends and family I no longer have an email address for, will see this on Facebook or Twitter).

 Aside from this minor frustration, I am buoyant. This book has had a long gestation. I started submitting it for publication in 2010. It has benefitted by the wait ... I have changed and added, tweaked and padded, which has in the end made it a stronger work. I opted early on to follow my Irish great-grandmother's advice and practice Patience and Perseverance (pronounced in a Derry accent as: 'Pay-shuns and Per-severance'). It has paid off.

The next two months are shaping up to be busy ones. Weekend vsits to see family, birthday parties, trips and poetry readings and of course the launch, all being part of the occasions planned.

The photos of the late-summer roses interspersed between the words on this post, were taken by me on Sunday, at the Dunedin Botannical rose garden.


Kimberley McGill said...

I've come and gone from the blogosphere, but always check in here. I for one am so looking forward to reading your poetic memoir!

Kay Cooke said...

Kimberly - Thank you Kimberley. Loved visitng your blog and now you are on my list of blogs to visit. :)

rel said...

I can't wait to add a third to my collection of Kay McKenzie Cooke's poetry to my shelves!

Kay Cooke said...

Rel - You are very kind. I truly value your support & appreciation.

Michelle said...

These photos of flowers are so amazing!

Di said...

Congratulations!! I shall watch out for this one. I was in Italy when you emailed and so I missed it. It was manic there ... But. I had to re-add you to my blog reader. I couldn't work out why I wasn't getting updated when you blogged. Damn technology ...

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