Friday, 10 January 2014

Bobbing To Flapping

 Without the routine of work and daily order, I am like a bobbing cork. Oh, it's pleasant enough for a time, just enjoying the ride and letting the days' currents take me wherever. Until it begins to feel too much like a vacuum, with no forward momentum or motivation to steer my own course. It begins to feel like I am going around in lazy, hazy circles. As I said, very pleasant in itself, but after a time it become tedious and I am ready to take control of the wheel again; to look at the map and decide where to head next.

Now that the holidays are over, I shall return to writing - picking up where I left off before Christmas.

I reckon there is still two years (at least) work ahead for me on the book I am writing. Already it's taken me three years to get to this point. Good thing I am in no particular hurry, but just happy to enjoy the journey. Good thing I am my own boss and that all deadlines are flexible. (Bad thing that my boss doesn't pay me).

I have been given April, 2014 as the likely date of publicaton for my third poetry book, 'Born To A Red-headed Woman'. I have to pinch myself that after all these years - three or four - the book is now an entity, soon to be found between its two covers in bookshelves in shops, libraries and homes.

The release of this poetry book and the poetry readings that are in the pipeline for 2014, will keep my poetry wing flapping.

I have always found it hard to keep both prose-writing and poetry-writing going at the same time. It's difficult to give each their due time and attention. Same for writing and reading; it's hard to balance both. I prefer to have separate seasons for reading and writing. I'd also prefer to have the same seasonal separation happening when it comes to poetry and prose; but that is not always possible.

 Perhaps it would help if I imagine poetry and prose as wings; both wings needing to be used at the same time in order to achieve an elegant glide and avoid a lop-sided flop.

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