Saturday, 9 November 2013

Sundry Shots on a Saturday

rhododendron in private garden. Good to see the flags hoisted and flying from Fox Hall once again. (There seemed to be no flags flying recently). Today's one is the flag of Haiti.

Dunedin's rhododendrons seem to be especially vibrant this spring - hundreds of them were planted out by the council about 5 ? 7 ? years ago and this year they have matured to the point of adding some serious colour.
Dunedin has gone positively rhodio-gaga!

Saturday school-boy cricket on Bayfield Park

on the inlet a family of ducks - uncles and aunties with them as well - we've noticed ducks travelling in extended family groups these days. I wonder if it is an eveolved deterrent to sudden attacks from black-backed gulls?

one of my fave Dunedin corners: headquarters of Anderson Bay Sea Scouts

a trifle ruffled

a study in black and white

eleven different poses

single pose

jetty detail


when there's no towel handy you just have to hang

tell me about it ...

air-dried and tidy once more

Dunedin wearing grey again

re-roof required

red-eye flight cancelled

lippy freshly applied


Claire Beynon said...

A wonderful photo essay, Kay! x

Kay Cooke said...

Claire - Thank you so much. It was one of those magical walks that come along every so often.

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