Friday, 4 October 2013

Tree Fest

... Orepuki trees.

Looking forward to next week becoming re-acquainted with these embattled coastal trees of my childhood.

... photo I took with our Pentax KM about ten years ago. I reckon when I took this photo these trees would have been over 60 years old.

Again, favourite Orepuki trees. A stand of cabbage trees - Te Reo for these trees is Te Kouka. These trees were growing here on my Uncle Bill's farm when his brother Don (my father) was working there in the 1960's. I remember them well. I don't think they are still there, sadly.

More favourite trees of mine. A stand of macrocapra catching the last of the day's light on Chisholm Park Golf Course, Tainu, Dunedini; opposite the primary school our boys attended and where Robert plays golf - most days.

This tree is so venerated in Kyoto, Japan, it is often greeted with a bow and called 'Sir'. 

From Tainui, Dunedin, New Zealand, all the way to Kyoto, Japan where our son lives with his wife and kids. This 600 year-old tree is at the gates of a temple I hope to re-visit one day - if only to once again say hello to this beautiful tree.

... Munich, Germany. 

Residents of Munich love to eat and drink outside in the summer. Under trees. I took this photo outside the apartment where our son and his partner live.

... photo taken by Jenny Jakobeit 

You may be wondering where the trees are in this photo of Robert and me and our son enjoying dinner and beer. In Munich, Bavaria, Germany, the people love beer and love their biergartens. In this photo we are enjoying a biergarten setting - always situated under chestnut trees for the shade and the conviviality such as you find only under the shade of a tree.

... silver birch bark

... weathered  

Trees really know how to capture the sense of withstanding the elements and time.

... our strawberry tree.

This tree produces colourful squishy fruit the birds don't seem to be that fond of. Maybe it's poisonous.

... lone magnolia blossom

... plum blossom

Another favourite tree - a flowering cherry in my in-laws garden, Queenstown.

... St Omer Park willows

More favourite Queenstown trees.

... tui in our kowhai tree

The kowhai tree is a New Zealand native and they burst into yellow every Spring. The yellow blossoms from our tree lie in knee-high drifts on our lawn. I have to rake up the blossoms in order to make my way to the clothesline. (I kid you not).

... wild apple tree Middlemarch, Maniototo.

I read George Eliot's 'Middlemarch' for the first time this year - a great book. Apparently this New Zealand town WAS named after the book.

The apple tree in question is one I imagine grew from my friend's tossed apple core when she biked home from school. The photo was taken just down the road from where she lived as a child.

... autumn in Alexandra

... lone persimmon

In Japan I was delighted to see persimmon trees. Persimmon trees are often mentioned in haiku. When I saw one for the first time, I was tempted to make up my own persimmon haiku. I have resisted. So far.

In Japan they know how to look after trees.

... Kanazawa, Japan 

A rope tepee to protect trees from heavy snow. These protective measures are put up every autumn and taken down every spring.

... Kanazawa Gardens (Kenroku-en) Japan

Now if this isn't a haiku moment ...

Looks like snow, but it is paper ... paper prayers. Japan.

... chaffinch in tree

... favourite drawing. 

This is our son's drawing. It was really just a scribble and he never meant to keep it. I rescued it and copied it for posterity. I call it, 'Girl with Tree Growing Out of Her Head'. (Naturally).
It's my motto.

This could be, 'Girl Growing in a Tree'. My granddaughter - taken some years ago.


rel said...

Trees are one of God's greatest creations, in my opinion. We could learn a lot from trees..........

Katherine Dolan said...

Wonderful photo essay!

I love the Japanese stories, especially how visitors to the tree in Kyoto bow and call it 'sir'.

We are surrounded by conifer forests here, I hope they last forever.

Dona Bogart said...

I absolutely love trees and these are some beauties. I especially liked the one in Kyoto, Japan I thoroughly enjoyed these pictures and stories. Thank you!

Kimberley McGill said...

Oh how I love trees, thank you for sharing these. Just gorgeous.

I call the Mississippi Gulf Coast home, even though I live in California now. I cried for many reasons after Katrina, but one of them was the loss of so many of the storm gnarled Oak trees that lined the coast. They were old, venerable and had weathered so much.

Kay Cooke said...

rel - You are so right.

Katherine - I hope to see that tree in Japan again one day.

Dona - Thank you! Trees are real beauties!

Kimberly - I can well understand the sadness at such a loss.

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