Saturday, 26 October 2013

Strainers & Ice Plants

mural on surf & lifesaving headquarters, St Kilda beach Dunedin

I don't know who painted the murals on the life saving club rooms, but he has done a real classy job. (I did see the artist at work one day, so I at least know it was a 'he' who painted them).

inviting approach to St Kilda beach

Through the gap and down a much-trampled sand bank, into the smell, sight and sound of the sea.

anyone lost a pink sock?

I didn't feel inclined to go all the way down on to the beach today, a passing nod at the breakers would have to do.

a glimpse of White Island - I've heard it's called that because of its crown of guano

ice plant


one last lookbefore heading home


A said...

The sock photo made me laugh. My socks have minds of their own too. They turn up places. They disappear during the wash -- no idea how they do it.

Kay Cooke said...

A - Darling things aren't they the way they disappear in ones! I saw a lone glove on the way home too. (Should've taken a photo of it).

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