Friday, 17 May 2013

Trees Again

tall marcrocapra trees Chisholm Park golf course Dunedin

A friend told me about how this old oak tree in Wales that was 1,200 years old was blown over in a storm last month.

bent tree Otago Peninsula

There is another old tree in Wales - the Llangernyw yew is 4,000 - 5000 years old and still going strong. It is  is said to be the oldest tree in the UK and the second to third oldest tree in the world.

young silver birch trees, Queenstown

In Japan they prop up the branches of old trees

and place roped canopies over them to support and protect them during winter's heavy snow.

misty Highcliff Road, Dunedin

St Omer Park, Queenstown

(an excerpt from longer poem - untitled)

'The trees in the garden
have no doubts. She regards
their umpire stance, the way they study
the sky. The way they close
like great gates.'

Kay McKenzie Cooke .

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Anonymous said...

I worry about trees...I caught this worry from my father who also worried about these purveyors of life...asking so little and giving us clean air in return. Three years ago during a severe drought in southern Virginia I saw huge oaks dying from a lack of water...fear shot through me. It couldn't be...not the trees...trees are sacred and so I'm impressed with the efforts some human beings go save their trees.

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