Thursday, 9 May 2013

Mermaid with Seaweed Hair

Caroline Bay, Timaru, 27/10/08 11.01 a.m. 

Last night we were out for dinner at a cafe that has a 70's vibe. It made me think of Joni Mitchell's song, 'Carey'. I thought if I ever owned a cafe (highly unlikely) I would call it 'Mermaid Cafe' just like the one in the song. I would serve Greek food and wine and play Joni Mitchell songs. In another life maybe.


kj said...

I love this, Kay!! What creativity

I owed a cafe for a short time. We called it tomato city but we've always regretted we didn't choose the chataway. :-)


Kay Cooke said...

KJ - Thank you! (Chataway has me intrigued).

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