Monday, 13 May 2013

Make Like A Tree

old car under trees

I am convinced that days take on themes.

Today's seems to have been trees

and shades of amber & blue.

Our son told us a travel tip he's picked up. To lessen the effects of time-lag and  discombobulation - find an old, established tree to sit under for a while. The tree will ease you into your surroundings and ground you. The tree has been rooted to that spot for decades (or even better, in some cases, centuries) and will gift you its calm standing. All the traveller needs to do is ready themselves to receive.

crooked trees

I spent the first ten years of my life in the land of the crooked trees: Orepuki, Western Southland.

Recently, for a school project, my granddaughter wanted me to tell her about one of my favourite landmarks - well, it had to be the Orepuki trees on a 90-degree angle.


Anonymous said...

good advice from your son! I love trees...your Scotland trees are so full of something infinite and timeless...they speak with wisdom!

Anonymous said...

whoops I meant to type Southland and Scotland just flew right out of my keyboard :D

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