Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Instructions For Making Scones

Today where I live, it snowed and hailed. We call that a 'Snow Day' and on such a day, schools and other learning institutes inevitably decide to close.

I took some photos - mostly from the comfort of indoors -

... and I made scones ...

... and wrote a poem.

how to make scones

I sent Jenny everything she needed to know,
the whole recipe from Edmond's Cookbook,
the measures, weights, numbers,
ingredients, oven temperature
and the time it takes.
I remembered to add, 'It doesn't matter
if the mixture is a bit sloppy'.
But it's the little things
she won't know, like the faster the better,
that scones work best with cold hands;
I worry that if she isn't actually shown
she won't know how to handle the shock
of the dough's heavy stickiness
on the floured tray.

It's not an exact science I think
as I plunge the knife into the soft heart
of the scone-dough and wish
that rather than messaging the recipe
through Facebook to her in Munich,
she could be spirited here beside me
as I work in the butter.
If she was here I'd be able to tell her 
about the knife my nana always used 
for scones; its thin, worn blade, 
its yellowed bone-handle
and when things get a little sticky
I'd say, "Now
is when you go in for more flour".

Kay McKenzie Cooke


Chris D Cooke said...

Thats lovely, thanks so much, we will habe to wait, till you are here, than you can show us.

Jenny said...

sorry, chris account was open, so THANKS from me:)

Claire Beynon said...

Ah, so lovely, Kay - the recipe, your wistfulness and generosity xo

Kay Cooke said...

Chris & Jenny - Will do with pleasure!

Claire - Thank you that's so kind. xx

Anne Else said...

I'll put a link to this beautiful poem on my blog, Kay.

Anonymous said...

perfect poem...now I wish I had a scone...that feeling of wanting to be in person comes to me with blog and Facebook friends who live in distant countries! like you for instance :)

Kay Cooke said...

Anne - Thank you Anne! :)

Theanne - Yes exactly - me too!

richardg said...

That makes reading recipes such fun.... also just read "earliest memories" which I loved..That third poetry book might be getting closer hopefully.

Kay Cooke said...

Richard - Thanks - it's so lovely to get feedback like that. Yes I can only hope that 3rd book's not too far away.

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