Monday, 8 April 2013

this is the post where none of the photos need have anything to do with the words

You've heard of NaNoWriMo, right?

You haven't? Well then please allow me to explain. It's an acronym for National ... well, INTER ... but you know what America is like (Oops - Hi ya all my lovely American friends! Teehee ) -national ... Novel Writing Month.

Anyway. This month has been decreed by the people that decree things (I often wonder who these people are ...) That it is NaPoWriMo  which stands for National ... (well, INTERNATIONAL actually, but I've already gone into that) ... Poetry Writing Month).

For those interested enough and who welcome the challenge, this means writing and posting a. poem. every. day. for. the. whole. month. of. April.

I have always been a bit of a late starter ... a late bloomer, as one of my sisters calls all of us McKenzie girls ... so I'm starting in with this poem-a-day thing a week or so late.

Throughout the goode monthe April then, I shall endeavour ( a good Cook-e verb!) to post a poem a day.

Starting with:

by hokey! 

I put in my eyes.
I listen to the birds
and share their viewpoints.

I breathe in and then
I breathe out. I think of what meat
for tea. Sometimes

I make puns
that would otherwise go begging,
like today's: 'Buy hoki New Zealand'

which relates to the fish
I got out of the freezer
earlier and which

no-one will get
except kiwis who remember
Selwyn Toogood.

Kay McKenzie Cooke


Katherine Dolan said...

The Money or the Bag!

I really like that poem. Nice and light and ready to fly off with the wind like one of them leaves...

Anonymous said...

I had to look up Selwyn I understand a little better what is happening in your poem :D photos delightful!

J.T. Webster said...

I look forward to reading your poem-a-day! Today's one was fun! And I love that photo with the moon in it.

Catherine said...

Like me! There's a triple meaning there, at least :)

Kay Cooke said...

Katherine - You got it in one!

Theanne - Wow I am impressed with your research abilities! Yay for Google.

Sue - Thanks Sue - I will do my best but working takes it out of me & on those days my brain is mush.

Catherine - Thanks - a poem working on more than one level - something a poet wants to hear :)

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