Tuesday, 16 April 2013

In Disguise With Glasses

somewhere between

First my siblings then my kids
down the years have laughed
at photos of me in the glasses
(like Garth on Wayne's World
my kids said) I wore back then,
when myopia offered me the perfect excuse
to look with black-cat's eyes
out at a world whose only promise
was, 'Girls in glasses
don't get passes'.

When my granddaughter finds the photo
of me (taken when I was the same age
as she is now)
she says my glasses are cool.
I look like a comic-book character,
she says. Which I am assured
by her mother, is a compliment. 
I have become a cool teen
at last,
but way too late.

The only comic-book-character
I can see is in the black-framed glasses,
the rest of me appears diffident;
as if wavering somewhere between
laughing and crying. Behind glass
that reflects all there is
of the world, my eyes wait
for the confirmation
they cannot believe will ever come.

Kay McKenzie Cooke


Dona Bogart said...

Oh how I know the feeling. I had those exact glasses in white. I love cat eye frames. I enjoyed this...thank you!

Anonymous said...

I had similar glasses in some neutral shade...never wore them...didn't start wearing glasses all the time till I was in my late 20s and finally got around to getting a drivers license!

I have to admit you do look rather tentative! caught in the middle between emotions!

loved your words!

Kay Cooke said...

Dona - White ones! How cool!

Theanne - I had to wear mine, I was blind as a bat - still am w/out my contact lenses.

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