Tuesday, 12 March 2013

We Will Be Back

Grandchildren pulling faces

Taken at Early Settler's Museum, Dunedin. The place has had major renovations and has been re-opened after a year or so. It's name has been slightly changed; it is now called Toitu Otago Settlers Museum.
We took our first look on Sunday - just a quick reconnoitre with the kids - we plan to go back for a longer, slower look another time.

Josephine the engine - a Dunedin icon Through the window you can see another Dunedin icon, the railway station. 

Gorgeous Miss & Gorge Train (Taieri Gorge Expedition train) in the background. 

Ah, the old fondue pot ...

'Dunedin Sound' posters ... 

The Tiger Tea bus - famous in the 80's -90's 

Lots of other things to catch the eye and memory, to enlighten the imagination, elucidate the past .. I could go on. We are lucky to have this place (with free entry) here in Dunedin.

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Avus said...

Ah, chugging up the Taieri Gorge Railway, Kay.

Thanks for the memory.

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