Monday, 11 March 2013

Tern, Tern, Tern ...

White-fronted Terns 

I first saw these birds today skimming over the surface of the harbour and inlet. These beautifully (ahem) 'tern-ed' out birds are one of my favourite birds to watch.

Terns at rest. 

There is no way I have the photographic expertise to capture these skilful fliers while flying and diving into the water in the search for fish, so I was grateful to come across these ones taking a rest on a pier at the Vauxhall Yachting Club.

They are elegant fliers; very watchable. I love the way the light shimmies through their wings as they skim, dip and stall in their search for food.
I have seen them dive into the water for a fish and back up again with breath-taking speed.
However, they weren't doing that today. They seemed to be more in the mood for sedated flights, then back to the pier for a bit of grooming and just general staring out at the horizon.
I have also heard them peeping in excitement with the amount of feed around, but not a peep today. A bit like me, they were more in the mood for a bit of silent reflection.

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