Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Some Limelight

Just after I posted this, I visited PitWR site to discover that the winners of the annual poetry competition have been announced there. All the more reason to go visit. (More links  below).

Things are happening over at the Poems in the Waiting Rooms  site  - go take a look! To make it even easier, here is the link to take you directly to Bellamy's At Five, which is Ruth Arnison's new project for PitWR (NZ). This collaboration between art & poetery is planned for September 2013, but until then, there are regular updates at the link with posts about the artists & poets involved. The latest poet to be added to the mix is myself - here is where you can read my tuppence worth. 

I liken people like Ruth to power generators; a 'genny' as I've heard them called over on the West Coast. Ruth is a Dunedin genny, chugging away in her corner of the culture scene and producing enough electricity to light an entire continent.

Below is a description lifted from the PitWR site:
PitWR (NZ) is a Dunedin based arts in health charity which prints and distributes free poetry cards (currently 5700) every season to medical waiting rooms, rest homes, hospices and prisons throughout the South Island and parts of the lower North Island. Our long-term goal is to offer the cards throughout New Zealand. 

Ruth also finds the time to write very fine poetry, with many of her poems published in a variety of literary magazines. 
I tell you all this because I know she won't tell anyone herself. If she sees anything even remotely resembling the limelight shining in her direction, Ruth runs a mile. 
Thank you Ruth, you do a fantastic job. 

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