Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Purple Prose


Burgundy Iceberg

Char de Parme

Royal Amethyst

On a recent visit to my aunty in Gore, I paid a visit to the gardens, knowing I'd see their fine display of purple roses there.

Amber Flush

Yellow roses are also meaningful for me.

Frilly Jilly

This reminded me of both my sister and a friend. Though neither of them actually suit the adjective  'Frilly' ...

Gold Guitar

Gore is the home of the Golden Guitar Awards - a Country music event. Despite liking some c&w music, I've never attended this event, nor do I have any desire to. (I'd sooner take time out to smell the roses).

In my wanders, I came across a mother and her two young children. She was a Japanese woman married to a Kiwi (New Zealander) so I was of course* interested in them - and the children's rose-petal art.

*Our son is also married to a Japanese woman. They live in Kyoto, Japan with their two young children


A fitting name after the meeting described above.

Purple (some say blue) roses are my absolute favourite kind.

Moody Dreams

The rose names started to take on significance. The night before I'd had vivid and interesting dreams which had been tumbling around in my mind since I'd woken.
I'd been wondering if there was any significance to these dreams.

(I think I eventually came to the conclusion that they were like the majority of my dreams, simply reflections, metaphors and symbols - a method for me of being able to process personal conclusions, thoughts, ideas, imaginings, happenings, incidents and other recent events and occurrences).


This made me smile. The roses looked like wide-open, smiley eyes; like primroses; which occurs to me, is a word close to promises. Promises of Paris in June.

Warm Wishes

And what better way to bring this walk among the roses to an end?


Katherine Dolan said...

That was a treat! I love roses. My grandparents had 100 different varieties at their orchard in Clyde -- I wonder how many of these were in the mix.

Kay Cooke said...

Katherine - Roses are lovely aren't they? Wow 100 varieties ... must've been quite a show.

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