Saturday, 9 March 2013

Note to Self

Photo (taken in Bordeaux, France, 1978)

In this photo, water-lilies,
over and over again,
holding summer on a plate
before being declared null and void,
drying into winter's thin, brown death.
Taken when I was young,
it is me watching out for a future
that was never as far away as I thought

always arriving as it did this morning
when like a faith healer
my granddaughter reached out
to spent flowers, softly
fingering the petals and I reassured her
that they will come back to life again
in the spring and she told me I was beautiful
and I told her she was too.

Kay McKenzie Cooke


Avus said...

Kay, that's simply lovely!

Kay Cooke said...

Thanks so much. (Hope you are taking good care of yourself!)

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