Sunday, 17 March 2013

'How Scandinavian of Me' - Bjork

... somewhere in Norway, 1978. 

We are going to visit Europe again, in June this year. We won't be doing it like this though! The future has brought many changes since this photo was taken.

For a start, this time we will be travelling with two of our sons and daughters-in-law.

I'm sure we will be looking at everything with completely different eyes. We hope to retrace some of our young steps, but I figure we won't remember what we even remember! (Although when I asked Robert if he remembered Herbie's number-plate after 35 years, he said he remembered it started with the letters LJD ... I was  impressed).

how like home
(Scandinavia after 35 years)

We knew we'd moved into Sweden
from Norway
(or was it the other way round?)
when the centre-line changed
from yellow to white
and every vehicle had its lights on,
required to by law even in daylight.
I've forgotten much but do remember
long grass surrounding Grieg's hut
(since moved to a museum)
and swimming in a freezing river,
thinking how like home
and the long twilights, a woman gardening
at eleven o'clock at night.

Kay McKenzie Cooke


Leonie Wise said...

LOVE that photograph! What adventures you have had (and it sounds like some wonderful new ones to come).

Kay Cooke said...

Leonie - Yeah looking forward to it - especially looking forward to how different it will be this time round!

Anonymous said...

A lovely poem.

- Anne Camille

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