Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Summer Interrupted

Seeing my friend Dorothy's bird-bath in the weekend made me want one of my own. After Paris. A lot of things wear the addendum 'After Paris', these days.

Nasturtiums are one of my favourites - best grown in a container as they are real spreaders. Whenever I see nasturtiums, they make me feel warm.

My friend Dorothy's garden backs on to a rural setting - the contented sound of baa-ing sheep floats over the back fence. Birds zoom. Bees buzz. The features of a St Francis statue and a pottery urn, add to the Mediterranean feel to this part of her garden.

The sun was warm on my barefeet as I watched the sun slip away for the day. I sat and dreamed. Dorothy watered her garden. Water restrictions by the council decree that even-numbered addresses water on even-numbered dates (and vice versa for odd-numbered addresses). How orderly, how sensible.

After time in Dorothy's garden, I felt levelled out.

When I arrived back home, these lilies were there to greet me. From just one lily ten years ago, the plant is up to fourteen blooms. Lovely perfume too.

And very fitting for Chinese New Year - a Chinese Lantern plant  (Thanks to Jill and Dave for this addition to the garden).

Visible on the flower are raindrops from the recent welcome downpour. But we are ready for some more sunshine again now - I hope the weather hasn't forgotten how to be nice after the cold southerly interruption. Come on Summer - get back to the business of being Summery.

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