Thursday, 14 February 2013

Daughters-in-Law in my Garden

When our son Chris' girlfriend, Jenny read my last post she was disappointed that my photos of the garden didn't include the glasshouse - her favourite part of our garden - so I promised her that I would post some photos of the glasshouse.

For some years our glasshouse was left to its own devices. We were both too busy with other things to pay it much attention.

Then the nest emptied and time became available. Our daughter-in-law Kate kick-started us off with the gift of  some tomato plants and we were off. 

I tidied up & pruned the sad-looking grape-vine and this year was rewarded with bunches of grapes ripening nicely. (The runner bean flowers can be seen outside; bottom right).

When our son Chris & his  girlfriend Jenny were staying with us last year, Jenny loved to use the glasshouse for her yoga exercises ... her green yoga mat can still be seen here if you look closely. It's becoming covered with glass-house litter, so I'm going to have to rescue it, wash it and roll it up for when they comes back at the end of the year.

This year's tomatoes have done well too.

I often think of my sons' partners when I am gardening - especially in the glasshouse. I think of Mike's wife Kate, her determination to get us back into the gardening and her gift of tidying up some space for this to happen.  I think of  Chris' girlfriend Jenny, her love of herbs and vegetables and their gift of a herb garden.

And I think of Eriko (married to our son Steve) whose father was an amazing market gardener.  When he and Eriko's mother visited a few years ago, I showed them around the garden, knowing they were marvellous gardeners and feeling ashamed at the state of ours.
Since then the garden has vastly improved. I wish I could show it to them now - I would feel a lot prouder.

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