Sunday, 30 December 2012

Recollecting ...

I am in an internet place in Queenstown being driven crazy by a French-speaking individual in opposite booth who is skype-ing. It occurs to me that a new noise-annoyance these days could well be skype-ers - in libraries, airports, internet cafes ... they can be very loud and intrusive. However, I myself have been guilty of skype-ing loudly in a public place, so I can't very well judge others now can I?

I am trying to blog. I want to catch up with the last few days and write some sort of record - post some photos. I don't want to use up all of my father-in-laws internet allocation for the month, so thought an internet place in down-town Queenstown would be fine. There have been hitches however. It is not ideal, but I shall plough on and see how far I get.

We spent Christmas Day at my brother's with another brother and sister and their families. The weather was perfect (maybe a bit too hot, but I daren't complain about that) the food plenteous and the company a lot of fun.

A picnic table under trees by the town's swimming pool was where we decided to set up Christmas Dinner.

... one hot dog ...

Late afternoon we went back to the house to open the presents and have dessert.

Boxing Day, some of us went for a short bush walk on a track that led us into a black birch forest with a history of gold-mining and forestry.

And my time in the internet place is up. I will log off now. There is a smell of cigarette smoke wafting in from outside. Not pleasant. I am off to meet Robert, at the Rees statue. Time to take in the mountain backdrop and some lake freshness.
It has been a frustrating morning so far, but even so, good to recollect a hot Christmas Day with family and a cool walk in the forest.


Avus said...

From the cold northern hemisphere it is difficult to take in Christmas lunch as a picnic in the hot sun, Kay!
Whilst we did not have snow, ours was spent indoors all day - cold, with teeming rain. It eventually let up at about 8.00pm enabling me to take the hound for his evening walk, with a watery, fullish moon struggling to emerge.

Happy new year!

Kay Cooke said...

Hi Avus - As difficult as it is for us to imagine snow holly and robins at Christmas time! Happy New Year to you too.

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