Friday, 30 November 2012

Much of a Morning

... flowering rata, Andersons Bay inlet.

Sometimes you just click the shutter at exactly the right moment. A cute little straddling bumblebee out visitng the flowers this morning. The bumblebee was introduced to Aotearoa / New Zealand to pollinate clover for the agricultural industry. There are four types of bumblebee - one type, bombus subterraneus, only exists in Central Otago and MacKenzie Country. Images of the four different types (fascinating how differently striped a yellow and black bumblebee can be -ee)! can be found HERE at the wonderful Te Ara (encyclopedia of NZ) site

A bumblebee doesn't make honey - the sole reason for its existence is to pollinate.

Because the rata (my guess is that this is a small southern rata) is out around Christmas time, both it and the larger pohutakawa (which has similar red flowers) is known as New Zealand's Christmas tree. 

As I set out on my walk this morning, the neighbour said to me, "Not much of a day, is it?"
He was referring to the fact that it was bitterly cold. The last day of Spring here in Dunedin, was tinged with a wintery chill factor. I was clad in scarf, jacket, gloves and hat and glad of the extra warmth and protection.

 ... the lime of low-tide lichen

The neighbour's comment was completely justified - 'not much of a day'. Even so, I did manage to find some 'much' in my walk around the inlet.

... Mr and Mrs Paradise Duck out foraging for their breakfast.

... a non-balmy Outdoor Education lesson for some high school pupils.


J.T. Webster said...

The rata's are beautiful, but that water sure looks cold!

A said...

Kay you always have the best photos. A bumblebee doesn't make honey -- I had no idea!

Paul Halpern said...

Your weather sounds similar to ours, but we are bracing for even colder days ahead. Must be nice to be anticipating summer rather than winter.

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