Monday, 1 October 2012

Thyme Time

A misty, grey day such as we had today, isn't conducive to taking photos. I decided to look for inspiration in photos taken on other days.

Such as these photos taken last November.

November is when the wild thyme is blooming in Central Otago

As you walk the plants are crushed underfoot, releasing the aroma of thyme.

Bees like the thyme, making it possible for the local production of thyme honey. Thyme honey has health benefits which can be found listed here.

Lye Bow Lake, near Alexandra.


J.T. Webster said...

Thanks for sharing these wonderful photos, Kay. It's reminded me I've never been to Central in November. Something I must remedy. Thyme in full bloom is gorgeous.

Kay Cooke said...

Sue - I hope to get to see the thyme blooming again this year. :)

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