Thursday, 4 October 2012

Old Posts

 I haven't had time to go out with the camera the last three days, so have decided to use old photographs. 

These photos go back to March 2011 when sis and I went on a bit of a roadie, after first visiting Larnach Castle. A misty morning (early autumn) perfect for viewing a castle.

Then we went through to Middlemarch. Keeping with the Scottish theme, here's a scots thistle in the mist of the Maniototo.

I love the way the farmers there use local stone as fence posts.

After lunch in Middlemarch, sis and I travelled through to Beaumont where our brother lives and where we stayed the night. That was where we first learned of the earthquake in Japan.

From Beaumont (I mentioned the Beaumont bridge over the Clutha River in yesterday's post) we headed to Gore, where our mother was staying with her sister (our aunty).

The old Gore library - a favourite with us when we were young. It is now a well-known Art Gallery.

My mother is back down with my aunty again and in a couple of days I'm travelling through to see her there.

Watch this space for more Gore pictures after I get back  New ones this time.


Katherine Dolan said...

It all looks so lovely and wet. Even the colours are rich and saturated.
I like those stone fence posts too.

Kay Cooke said...

Thanks Katherine.

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