Tuesday, 2 October 2012


One of the nicest parts of Queenstown is away from all the tourist fuss and in a quiet area behind and between the cafes and shops, where a creek has been allowed to continue winding through. It is where the Hakitekura Balustrade can be found. Go to this site to find out how Kai Tahu have thoughtfully and creatively preserved and embellished this area of Queenstown.

The creek has been lined with a wall made from local stone and a path takes you along where 32 sculptures have been positioned . (See below the story / Maori legend the sculptures depict).

The photo above shows the walls of the Old Court House, now a restaurant.


This morning was the scene that greeted us as we ate breakfast at 7.00. The sunrise can be seen behind the Remarkables range - mountains which have been formed by glacial moraine and one of the very few in the world that stretches north - south. Most mountain ranges are formed east-west.

Lake Wakatipu is a very cold lake - the temperature hardly alters from winter to summer. I certainly wouldn't want to be swimming across this icy lake.

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