Friday, 26 October 2012


Continuing with the theme of paths and ways, on St Kilda beach, wooden steps lead up to the Surf Club.

Confinement of sand behind wire - as if that will ever stop the encroach of the dunes ... but a little reinforcement, an attempt at a bulwark, can't hurt.

Beach glass reflects the colour of a deep wave.

A hollowed-out stone gives the impression of a sun-warm nest.

On a  window-sill, an old medicine bottle dispenses light.

A plant on a table; potted sunlight.

Back to sea and sky, casting their own colours.

beach- glass

Found and carried
up wooden steps
that lead away
from formless sand
that in the end 
cannot be confined

behind wire or wind,
the sea-worn piece 
of glass is saved 
from wearing thinner
and wears it well, 
the light

it casts gives back 
the deeper colours 
of the sea as it turns  
and keeps behind glass
the shape of an ocean wave
held forever.

Kay McKenzie Cooke


Avus said...

Nicely observed and neatly "poemed", Kay

Katherine Dolan said...

I love the way the details in your photo+poem entries are so carefully selected but also seem casual or accidental. There is something a bit Japanese about it!

Kay Cooke said...

Avus - Thank you! Mission accomplished then.

Katherine - Thank you. I like that it reminds you a bit of something Japanese. :)

kj said...

the shape of an ocean wave
held forever

i just love thinking this can be so, kay.

what a wonderful post this is. your photos are again great; a great way to show not tell!

love love

Unknown said...

Superb observations. Those beach glasses truly represents the sea, the sky and the sun. Its something mystical.
Eagan Fitness Center

Anonymous said...

love the photos and the the sand, the water, the glass worn in the to think about something other than myself (for a change :D)

Kay Cooke said...

Kj - Thanks my friend. :)

mia poe - Thanks for visiting & your kind commnets.

Theanne - Thank you. I'm glad it touched you. Kia kaha.

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