Friday, 28 September 2012


Andersons Bay Bowling Club; green and club house. Wooden villas and bungalows on Bayfield Road in the background.

Lawn bowls is very popular in New Zealand. It is seen primarily as a sport for old and / or retired people. Lawn bowls has a long history. It was apparently played by the ancient Egyptians. Go HERE to read a light-hearted account of the history of lawn bowls. I was amused to read there the tongue-in-cheek account of how the American version of lawn bowls, Ten Pin Bowling, evolved after English settlers lost the instructions for Lawn Bowls on the way over.

Bird sanctuary Andersons Bay inlet. 

Shags, red-footed gulls, black-backed gulls, herons, spoonbills, caspian terns ... are some of the birds that stop off at the inlet for a feed. Low tide is the best time to see the wading birds.

Clouds reflected in the still surface of the inlet. The wharf area of the city of Dunedin in the background.

A shag (cormorant) landing on the water.

Boat shed and shags, Vauxhall, Dunedin.


Katherine Dolan said...

That shag looks like a whale fluke!

Dona Bogart said...

Beautiful photography and descriptions. I could almost hear the birds chattering as I read.

Claire Beynon said...

I thought the same thing, Katherine! Beautiful photographs, dear Kay x

Kay Cooke said...

Katherine & Claire - It does too! I can't see it as anything else now! How funny.

Dona - Thank you. :) The photos were taken on my walk around the inlet yesterday (Thursday).

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