Sunday, 16 September 2012

Spring Kowhai

Sometimes I forget it's Spring. Sometimes in the middle of my head inhabited by imagined lives and the ends of  stories or the beginnings of poems, I forget what day it is, what month.

But I only need to look out our kitchen window at the kowhai tree's green pods bursting into bright yellow, to be sharply reminded that it is indeed Spring.

Seasons come, then go. Flowers bloom, then fall.

As I dwell on the lives of people who lived long ago, I am reminded more and more of how brief our lives are and how little we leave behind. An indecipherable name on a cemetery stone; if we are lucky.

I'm not depressed by this. It just spurs me on to take more in and to view life more vividly. To not only appreciate new life but also the fallen petals.


Carmen said...

It is so nice to think about flowers blooming and the days getting warmer somewhere.

Kay Cooke said...

Thanks Camille - Isn't the world a marvellous place really when you think about it (as I don't often enough). :) Great to see you here, thanks for dropping by.

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