Monday, 17 September 2012

'smoke on the water'

Sunday morning at the Gardens with the wee nippers. Time seemed to be the theme of the day - each dvd we watched with them or (when they were asleep and / or delivered back to their parents) seemed to be on the theme of Time - its management, its tricks ...

As we played with our grandchildren I thought of the how through the law of concurrence, it could be said that we were also playing with time.

magnolia stellata (starry magnolia) 

Magnolias are certainly starring right now as they burst into blossom in gardens all over the city - from Highgate to Canongate, North-east Valley to South Road.

H poses as star! First subject, then ...

as camera-man.

We thought of Steve and E. and the kids in Kyoto, Japan. (Who as it turned out were actually in E's hometown of Osaka at the time).

Robert said he never knew there was a Japanese Garden in our Gardens ( it's only been there since 1998!)

Dunedin's sister city is Otaru

Magnolias (especially the pink ones) remind us of our granddaughter (in Japan) whose name incorporates this tree (also known as 'tulip tree'). 

We got grain for the ducks from the Gardens Shop, but the ducks weren't hungry today. The kids were content to independently commune with the ducks (or commune with the lack of any communing the very replete ducks were doing).

V without any prompting, placed her empty paper bag into the bin (as well as someone else's she found on the grass). Then she started picking up feathers (maybe our son Chris's partner, Jenny has been a model!) We felt proud.

This photo could be of our son Mike at the same age ... time continuing to play its tricks.

I like to think I'm doing my photographer d-i-l Kate proud with this photo's sepia treatment.

In the car the kids entertained us with Queen and Deep Purple songs - 'we will, we will rock you' and 'smoke on the water, fire in the sky' as we rode through a still-waking Dunedin city - sunlight dancing silver off flat-lined puddles.


Mike Crowl said...

The sepia photo certainly has a timeless quality about it, Kay. It evokes childhood in any age, really.

Kay Cooke said...

Mike - Thanks, yes, it's perfect for that idea and ploy.

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