Friday, 24 August 2012

By Any Other Name

My fascination with daffodils continues ... 

The name Daffodil is derived from an earlier "Affodell", a variant of Asphodel [ a type of plant with heavy mythological associations]. The reason for the introduction of the initial 'd' is not known, although a probable source is an etymological merging from the Dutch article "de," as in "De affodil." 

The Japanese word for daffodil is suisen.

 The German word for daffodil is osterglocke.

Here in New Zealand, daffodils appear in August - September.  Unlike in the Northern Hemisphere, here in the Southern Hemisphere, we do not associate these flowers with Easter. 

However in New Zealand, daffodils could easily be associated with Father's Day, falling as it does in early Spring - on the first Sunday in September.

According to ancient tradition, by giving a man daffodils, a woman is acknowledging his chivalry. 

But it needs to be be a bunch of daffodils, not a single flower, because (again, according to ancient tradition) a single daff. carried over the threshold of a house brings bad luck.

On the other hand, so they say, a bunch of them carried into the house may very well ensure that this spring your goose will produce a bonny clutch of fluffy yellow goslings.


kctoyama said...

Daffodils tells you spring has come.

J.T. Webster said...

Very informative. I have one solitary daffodil in the garden. Not even sure how it got where it is. I was going to bring it in, but maybe that would be bad luck! :)
I might just organise a bunch of daffs for Father's Day though.

Kay Cooke said...

yujinxiang - They are like a breath of fresh air when they arrive.

Sue - What a great Father's Day idea. And I'm sure one daffodil isn't really going to be a harbinger of badness. (I only bring them in if they are looking a bit downed - as they have been here with all the rain ... ) :)

kj said...

kay, so you are falling into spring. unlike me who will soon fall into fall.

i have never seen one daffodil by itself! i never thought about that until reading your post. only bunches.
they are so springy and hearty, thick even.

to me, they mean the sun is rising


Unknown said...

Wow. The daffodils looks beautiful. Its like a breath of fresh air. Thanks for sharing.
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Anonymous said...

well I'm now smarter about the daffodil...have always loved this it more now! thanks for sharing Kay!

Kay Cooke said...

Theanne - My pleasure. :)

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